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Efficient compliance, swift reviews. Bridging the gap between plan submission with efficient review, while significantly reducing permitting time.

Our Mission

We aim to transform the permit process, catering to the needs of both plan submitters and reviewers. We focus on a two-pronged approach: helping architects, contractors, developers, and permit expediters to submit plans that are fully compliant, and equipping building departments with the tools to review these plans more swiftly and effectively.

Built for Plan Reviewers

CodeComply.Ai supercharges the review process for government entities.

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Built for Plan Submitters

CodeComply.Ai elevates the development process for design teams.

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Code Compliance Reimagined



Craft tailor-made data structures for floor plans using image detection, drawing layers, and OCR wizardry. Decipher plans in multiple file formats, including PDF and more.


Automatically generate a list of non-compliant items and verify compliance throughout the building continuously.


Receive real-time feedback as you modify your design and consider alternative solutions.

Compliance Solutions

  • Occupant Load

    Total number of people expected to occupy an area.

  • Exit Separation

    Minimum distance required between two exits to ensure at least one exit is always available.

  • Egress Capacity

    Total number of people that the exits can accommodate.

  • Common Path

    Maximum travel distance for access to two exit paths.

  • Travel Distance

    Maximum allowable distance that occupant can travel from their location to the nearest exit.

  • Dead End

    Corridor extending beyond an exit, forcing occupants to backtrack to leave.

What's Next?

  • > Construction type
  • > Accessibility reviews
  • > Fire alarm device layout
  • > Fire-resistance-rated walls
  • > Fire sprinkler design layout
  • > Fire service access elevator requirements

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